The School Scholarship Program

Providing school choices for low and middle-income families

Today, tens of thousands of Indiana families have few or no choices in finding a school that meets their children’s needs. They feel trapped in assigned schools that all-too-often are failing to provide a quality education. In fact, nearly 25,000 children in this state are trapped in chronically failing schools.

Major legislation to allow low and middle-income families to take a portion of the per-pupil funding being spent on their children in their assigned public schools and then use it to pay tuition and fees at the public or private school of their choice. The goal is to help parents access the schools that best fit the needs of these children, while saving money for taxpayers. The program is part of the education reform package sought by Governor Daniels, Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett, House and Senate leadership.

It’s called the School Scholarship Program and is part of House Bill 1003, currently before the General Assembly.

Contact your state legislators today to urge support for the School Scholarship Program. 

House Bill 1003 would create a “voucher” program to enable thousands of Indiana families, for the first time, to choose their own schools and have a portion of per-pupil funding follow them. For families with the lowest annual incomes, this voucher would be $5,000 or more.

Eligible students:  Students between the ages of 5 and 22 and enrolled in a public school the previous year or who received a choice scholarship the previous year.

Qualifying families: Family incomes below 250% of free or reduced lunch federal income guidelines, with the voucher value tied to income.

Voucher value: For families with incomes below the free or reduced lunch family income levels, the voucher would equal 90% of state support from their local school district. Using state averages, this would be over $5,000 a year. For those at the high-end of family income eligibility, the maximum voucher would be 25% or about $1,500 a year.

Tax credit: Expands the Scholarship Tax Credit for private donations to non-profit scholarship organizations that help low and middle income families attend the K-12 public or private school of their choice.

This plan empowers parents to make real educational choices for their children. It increases competition to encourage improvement in all schools. What really matters is that these kids get access to a quality education, whether from a public school, public charter school or a private school down the street.

Get involved today!

Ask your state legislators to support the School Scholarship Program.  

Find out who your legislators are, call or send them an e-mail or letter. It’s quick, easy and it really makes a difference.   

Download an informational handout flyer with frequently asked questions about the School Scholarship program.